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Crazy Chicken Extreme Introduction

The sun is shining on a beautiful autumn day in a peaceful chicken farm with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. All seems well and good on this sunny day, and chickens are flying across the screen peacefully. These aren’t just any regular chickens though, because each chicken might be hiding a great coin prize underneath its wings! Your job is to load up your rifle and shoot away at the flying chickens to win instant cash prizes! If you accept the task, it’s time to show off your shooting skills in this Gamevy slot. 

Crazy Chicken Extreme is a refreshingly simple game that’s nothing like you’ve experienced in your slots adventures. It’s definitely not your typical online slot, as there are no reels or rows in this game, just prize-bearing chickens flying across the fields. All you have to do is take a shot at a chicken for the chance to win instant cash prizes. There are no paylines on this slot either, and prizes are awarded whenever a prize-bearing chicken is shot. 

This Gamevy title is a chance-based game with an element of skill as well.

Crazy Chicken Extreme Game Features

To start shooting, you need to buy your ammo to fill up your rifle. You can do so by choosing your stake, starting from the minimum amount of € 0.2 up to the maximum amount of € 20. Each bet buys you 10 rounds of ammo. No matter your stake, you always get 10 bullets, but the higher your stake, the higher the potential prizes from the chickens.  

For example, shooting with a € 0.2 stake, means you can win up to € 100 per chicken. Shooting at the maximum bet of € 20, the maximum payout from a chicken will now be a maximum of € 10 per chicken!  

When you shoot all 10 rounds, you can reload your rifle with the same bet, or you can change your stake for the next game.  

If you’re not much of a hunter, you can choose the Quick Shoot option, which is found above the red bullets displayed on the screen. This ensures 100% shot accuracy so it guarantees that all 10 bullets will hit chickens, (although it still doesn’t guarantee that each chicken will result in a prize). 

Crazy Chicken Extreme Free Spins and bonuses

The fun and excitement of the game is all about exploding chickens into feathers and prizes, so there are no free spins or bonus features. Like we said, this is a simple game that offers a heck of a good time in shooting flying chickens. The fun is all in the simplicity!

Crazy Chicken Extreme Payouts

The prizes carried by the chickens are completely random and varying in size. There are no high paying or lower paying symbols, as the size of a chicken is not related to its cash prize and not all chickens will result in a prize when shot. You have no time limit to shoot the chickens, so you can take your time choosing what chickens to shoot and follow your hunches on which chickens you think are hiding prizes in them. 

Crazy Chicken Extreme Graphics and Sound

Crazy Chicken Extreme takes places on an idyllic landscape of fields and blue skies. As soon as you start playing, cartoon chickens will start flying by on your screen. The peaceful sounds of chirping birds are heard in the background, until you interrupt all that with the sounds of your shooting rifle. Chickens might cluck when shot and the sound of coins falling on the ground is also heard when a chicken explodes into a prize. You’ll know the value of a chicken immediately when it explodes into a win.

Crazy Chicken Extreme Conclusion

The fun in Crazy Chicken Extreme is all in the simplicity of the game: no complicated features or bonuses, just easy gameplay that’s sure to intrigue anyone looking for something different than the usual slot machines! The added Quick Shoot feature is all this game needs to make it a perfect game. Shoot away on Crazy Chicken Extreme today to win cluckin’ good prizes!

About the Provider

Gamevy is a London-based software company made up of an amazing team of entrepreneurs, game-making experts and people with a passion for gaming. Although they are a young company, they’re making a name for themselves slowly but steadily in the business.

In 2015, Gamevy’s potential was duly recognised when they won the Pitch ICE award at the 2014 ICE Totally Gaming convention, in recognition of the company’s potential to succeed in the industry. In 2016, they really made a name for themselves when they won the “Game to Watch” award at the same convention just a year later.  

Gamevy isn’t really focused on slots, preferring to be creative in other ways. For example, The Heist is one of their most popular games and the world’s first online gameshow. For the first time in the online gambling world, you get to be the star of your own gameshow and put your general knowledge to the test to take home the jackpot. The company is also famous for their online lotteries with games like “Boss the Lotto” and online versions of traditional scratch cards like 7UP!  

These instant win games are really fun to play and definitely stand out from the crowd. Their games are designed to entertain the player and benefit the operator as well. With their games, you’ll enjoy excellent profitability and longer gameplay thanks to the player being highly engaged. 

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