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Play What a Hoot online: Check out our slot review below

The What a Hoot videoslot is a classic video slot machine with a real innovative feel set in a forest environment. What a Hoot is, as many of or other videoslots, arranged with crisp graphics, colorful and inventive symbols, all to create the action you are looking for in a good videoslot machine! You will have no problem in learning the payouts and targets to win, just place your bet and start spinning the Vinyl Countdown slot.

The theme in What a Hoot offers real feel of playing in a new and innovative environment. You will find innovative symbols like partying owls and mixed fruits and you will feel right at home in this newly designed Vegas style slot. Check the payout structure to learn which symbols pays you most. In What a Hoot the top prize is €5000, so be sure to strike five What a Hoot symbols in a row!

The What a Hoot video slot has a betting range from €0,25 up to €45. It is a 5 reel videoslot with 9 paylines and the goal is to ultimately catch 5 What a Hoot symbols in a row which will win you the top prize.

Don’t mistrust if you don’t hit the What a Hoot jackpot since you will be well rewarded through the other symbols as well. Check out the other paytable and you will find many different winning combinations giving you nice cash back.

In What a Hoot there is also a wild symbol which will replace any symbol in a winning line. There is also a Scatter symbol to look for since it will win you extra cash!