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Deep Riches Introduction

Treasure fleets were the norm in the golden age of piracy and privateering – and so were attacks on their ships. In fact, more often than not, some of these galleons wouldn’t make it to their destination in one piece, as raids from pirates would result in the theft of much gold and other loot. Some would end up sinking to the bottom of the ocean - and that’s where we’re off today – the sunken galleon resting on the seabed – as we hit the water to discover Deep Riches, a video slot brought to us by Core Gaming!

Deep Riches Game Features

Five reels and three rows float under the sea, and symbols do not literally land on the reels but more like a float in from the right-hand side.

Bet from as little as € 0.2 while the maximum bet per spin is of € 100.

It stands to reason that if you are diving so deep to discover a treasure, you will encounter a few surprises. And guess what – Deep Riches has a lot of these bonus surprises in store for you! Let’s dive in together.

Deep Riches Free Spins and bonuses

Special symbols will float around you and all around to reels, acting as modifiers to create winning combinations. When the Wild Water feature is triggered, special floating symbols are transformed into wilds to create winning combinations. These may appear as stacked Wilds or sometimes sticky.

The Reef Bonus is another feature in Deep Riches which is triggered whenever you get 3 or more Bonus symbols in view. The more Bonus symbols in view, the greater the number of free spins you receive. During the Reef Bonus, the special symbols are Wilds and will float across the reels for every spin.

The Wilds will float towards the first reel and will remain in place until the feature ends. Any further Wilds will form clumps together with those still in place – and this will multiply your chances of earning big wins!

Deep Riches Payouts

Let’s start from the very bottom of the paytable at the very bottom of the ocean: the five card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A offer payouts starting from just three hits on a payline. These symbols will pay out € 25 if you bet the maximum amount of € 100 per spin. If you land four matching symbols on a payline you stand to earn € 100, while the K and A pay tad higher at € 125. Five of a kind will earn you € 300 for 10, J and Q, while the K and A will award you € 400.

Much higher payouts arrive from the other symbols – the red diamond offers € 50 for three of a kind, up € 200 for four and € 600 for five. The emerald starts from € 75, goes up to € 375 and finally € 1,250 for five of a kind. Then, the blue diamond starts from € 25 for just two hits, then € 100, € 500 and € 1,500 for 3, 4 and 5 hits on a payline respectively. The highest paying symbols are the purple star and the Wild symbol, which pay € 50 for two hits, then € 250 for three hits, € 1,000 for four of a kind and a massive € 2,500 for five hits.

Deep Riches Graphics and Sound

Large, cartoon-ish icons adorn the invisible reels of Deep Riches. As we said, the icons float onto the screen from the right instead of the traditional motion of symbols stopping during a spin. The animations are also done discreetly – even when you go up a few meters towards the surface of the sea to play your Free Spins mode, the game retains an air of calm and relaxation.

The controls are on the sides of the reels – from the left hand you can choose your betting amount, from the right your auto spin mode or you can also access the paytable. At the bottom, you will see all the account balances – as the seabed around you emits an incessant flow of bubbles headed towards the surface. 

Deep Riches Conclusion

Is it worth driving down to the bottom of the sea for the treasures and prizes that lie in wait? We surely think so!

About the Provider

The provider of this game is called Core Gaming. The company was founded in 2007 and is today one of the leading providers offering HTML5-based games. They have a nice collection of games, providing wonderful gaming experiences for desktop and mobile platforms. Core Gaming has succeeded to create an excellent gaming environment, thanks to their industry knowledge and strong experience. 

Core Gaming creates games in-house and they have a strong team developing one great game after another. In addition, they also co-operate with many famous names in the industry, which gives them, for example, opportunities to widen their game distribution to bigger audiences. These days, you will find Core Gaming’s games from many of the big casino operator’s game selection. Other games from Core Gaming offered at are Beehive BedlamRolling Stone AgeCaptain Cashfall, and Pharaohs Wild.