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Even if you have lived your whole live as a committed landlubber, might some of the ocean’s secrets intrigue you to take a look into the depths. Bottom of the ocean might be a magic place, especially the deepest parts, in where even the best divers haven’t visited. And just there lies the secret; the city of beautiful mermaids! Now you have a chance to get to know a part of this secret and meet a beautiful mermaid on the reels of Mermaid Serenade video slot. 

Mermaid Serenade video slot is a creation of Genii. Genii combines innovation, creativity and years and years of experience to create magical gaming experience to players. Genii has created already over 130 games which really stand out, thanks to the unique handprint it leaves to all of its games. Genii trusts the power of newest technology and best innovations but also wants to implement all that only when it creates progress. Maybe this is Genii’s secret to success.

Mermaid Serenade Main Game

Mermaid Serenade video slot gives you the dive you have never seen before! This beautiful video slot takes you to the bottom of the ocean and shows you the beautiful secret place where mermaids live. There are few antique pillars here and there and between two of those rises 4 seaweed lianas, which are actually giving the outlines for the 3 reels of Mermaid Serenade video slot. This game has the most traditional slot reel setup; 3 reels and 3 rows with 5 paylines. But it is also something more, not least one of the most beautifully designed mermaid slot game. 

The symbols on the reels of Mermaid Serenade video slot are wonderful mix of traditional slot game symbols and theme related symbols. If you have ever played traditional slot machine, you are most definitely familiar with bar symbols from which you can find with 1, 2 or 3 lines. Mermaid Serenade video slot has also these bar symbols – all the versions mentioned – with seashell and clownfish. Bar symbol with 3 lines gives the biggest wins, excluding the red-haired mermaid who is the wild symbol of this game. The lower payout symbol is interesting creature that resembles a bit of weirdly shaped jellyfish or clam with pearls. 

Mermaid symbol can substitute all the other symbols on the paylines of Mermaid Serenade video slot. But this is not all! It can also give even X4 multiplier for the win!

Mermaid Serenade Theme,Graphics, and Sounds

Stories about mermaids are popular around the world so you have most probably heard at least one of them. These creatures have human-like upper body but fish-like tail and they are able to breath under water as well as above. Mermaids might sometimes be described a bit vicious females but in Mermaid Serenade video slot you will meet only very friendly one. This little mermaid looks a bit like Ariel in the Disney cartoon called Little Mermaid with its red hair and turquoise tail. 

Genii is known of the sharp and beautiful graphics and Mermaid Serenade is continuing on this same path. This game combines some more real-looking graphics to cartoon-looking ones and this really gives the game unique feeling. See-through reels make the whole game board calm and airy, even though we are under water all the time!

 As in graphics, also in sounds, the game relies on stylish mix of traditional slot and underwater theme. So turn the volume on and enjoy the atmosphere!

Mermaid Serenade Payout

There are altogether 5 paylines in Mermaid Serenade video slot. You can activate as many as you want, but keep in mind that you will only be rewarded by the wins you get on the active paylines. The coin value and amount of coins per bet line can be set from the control panel. Coin value can be set between €0,01 and €1,00 and amount of coins between 1 and 5. This makes the maximum bet of Mermaid Serenade €25,00 and minimum bet €0,01. 

Mermaid Serenade Bonus Game

As beautiful and excitement-filled game Mermaid Serenade video slot is, it doesn’t have any bonus game in it. However, this is after all quite traditional slot game so you might not even notice that there is no additional bonus game. But if you are fan of bonus games and underwater theme, just check Mermaids Millions video slot, which might bring you some – you guessed it – mermaid’s millions from its bonus game! 

Mermaid Serenade Free Spins

Mermaid Serenade has no free spins feature on its reels so if you like that sort of action, you might want to jump on the reels of for example already mentioned Mermaids Millions, which offers this sort of action too. 

Mermaid Serenade Features

Even though there are no bonus games or free spins in Mermaids Serenade video slot, you will find one very interesting feature from it. This is mermaid herself. She acts as a wild symbol on the game, so she helps you to get the winning combinations on the reels. In addition to this, mermaids bring the biggest wins of the game and can even bring some multipliers for your wins! One mermaid rewards you with 2X multiplier when two of these red-haired maids bring you X4 multiplier!

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Hold your breath and dive into the depths of the ocean! Now you have the amazing chance to meet a beautiful mermaid and some colourful fishes on the reels of Mermaid Serenade video slot. Let this game give you a serenade and you might win big!