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Pentagram Introduction

Collect the happy spirits in this 3-reel and 5-line Video Slot, themed by magic. In Pentagram Video Slot, you will step into a crazy world of witchcraft and magical spells. If you like the classical gambling machines with a twist of a spooky theme that hides some mysterious symbols and a special feature to add some extra excitement in the making – then you are in the right place! 

Witch-hunting and witchcraft are something that has been in the air for ages, more specifically since the 13th century, where this was usually all about females. These said to be witches and in contact with Satan. They found traces that at least 60.000 people were executed during the intense with-hunts. But the numbers are surely a lot higher than that, and it is still being speculated heavily.

It is now time to find out exactly what Pentagram Video Slot from Realistic Games offers, and what the witchcraft might bring you now.

Pentagram Features

At very first glance, Pentagram Video Slot might look like a typical, classic game with retro fruits, but the fact is that just like in other Realistic Games, they added a row of interesting components that we will go through now. The lower valued symbols in the game are of oranges, lemons, and cherries. Somewhat higher values come from the purple grapes and the golden bells. The cut-up melons will pay out slightly higher than these, and the highest valued symbols come from the flaming sevens. 

What would a Pentagram game be without an actual Pentagram? Of course, there is a symbol that is of an actual Pentagram. If you don’t already know it, a pentagram is a five-cornered star written in a pentagram, which means that the edges are bound together with five lines. There is a reason to why a pentagram has five edges – instead of being a circle, and this is since a circle has to do with mathematics and symbolic. These days, a pentagram symbolises, among others, the goddess worships, the holy woman. There are sayings that state that the pointer at the top has a positive meaning and the bottom one has a negative meaning. The last mentioned one has recently been connected to Satanism and devils´ worship. It is time to see which direction they are pointing at in Pentagram Video Slot.

Pentagram Free Spins and Bonuses

If you land on the Pentagram Symbol, you can be awarded a multiplied win that is 2x your bet as well as 10 Free Spins. During the Free Spins Features, all wins are added to the total win. Some symbols contain parts of the game title and if these symbols are combined together on a payline, and together they spell out the word “Pentagram” – if you manage to do this, you will be greatly awarded. But that is not all, as when a Pentagram is shown in any position during the Free Spins Feature, the total win that you can see at the bottom of the screen will be doubled. 

Pentagram Payout

Pentagram Video Slot offers 3 reels on 3 rows, with additional 5 fixed paylines. The winning combinations are confirmed from left to right on the rows, and the highest paid out sum during the game is 250x the worth of your payline. Underneath the reels, you can see the control panel where you can adjust the coin values, turn on/off the music, and read about symbols, their worth, Free Spins, and Bonus Features. On the control panels´ right side, there is a great option for autoplay as well as the start button to start your adventure. 

Pentagram Graphics and music

Realistic Games has graphically made sure to create a well put-together Video Slot. Even though the symbols in the game are in 2D graphics and keeps a fairly simple look, the entire game is shaped to emulate a real slot machine in the real casinos. 

The music is also made to sound like the classic, old style Video Slots and machines. One thing is certain, and that is the fact that Realistic Games has brought us a heavily realistic and nice game.

Pentagram Conclusion

Even though a pentagram usually can be a sign of being in contact with Satan, this game is still filled with good luck and a share deal of fortunes. You will surely have a positive experience in this game, with both Multiplied wins and a Pentagram Free Spins Feature. So if you longed for a classic game with a twist of a mysterious theme, then there is no more wait – it is right here for you to enjoy. 

About the provider, Realistic Games

Back in 2002, a group of passionate entrepreneurs came together to found Realistic Games. The company was started with a vision and the goal of being able to offer high-quality content for some of the biggest and world leading gaming operators. They do this with a team of specialised personnel and professions needed to reach their goals. Their developers, designers, artists, and modellers work alongside the commercial and marketing teams to reach their target. Everyone in the team has years of experience in both the terrestrial and digital arenas. Since they are strong believers in knowing their product very well, they are always a step ahead of many other providers out there. 

The extensive experience of the team has been gained as operators, professional gaming machine designers, and players of gaming products. This means that they have been right in it all, seen it all, and done it all – and this grants them an inside view that helps in the creation of games. It makes sure that they are able to create true, premium quality electronic gaming content that is delivered across multiple channels and across a wide range of media. Best of luck!