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Three Card Poker Introduction

The popular card game of Poker was developed in the United States sometime in the 19th century. It quickly spread across Europe and Asia, as more people enjoyed playing the social game in pubs, taverns and, eventually, in casinos. Poker is a favourite game even amongst celebrities, including the past US president, Richard Nixon, who was reputedly a very capable player.

As the game spread to different regions and cultures it inevitably adapted. As a result, there are several variants today, including Texas Hold'em. Since many of these variants have similar base rules, players enjoy trying them as they offer new twists and opportunities for special side wagers.

With the creation and growth of online casinos, Poker took its place as one of the most popular virtual table games. Players can conveniently play from their homes at any time of the day or night. The online experience was further enhanced with the creation of live games, which combine the social aspect of the game with cutting-edge digital technology.

Evolution Gaming offers several live card games, including Live Three Card Poker. This variant of the game has proven popular among new and seasoned players, as it is a simpler version of the game whilst also offering exciting side bets.

Three Card Poker Game Features

Live Three Card Poker is, as its name suggests, a card game that’s played with only three cards. Every player on the table plays solely against the dealer. As the game progresses, your available options appear on the screen. Once you make your selection the full screen is dedicated to the live feed of the dealer and the table, immersing you completely into the game.

One of the advantages of the live game is that you can chat with other players and the dealer. The chat function is easily accessible on the left-hand side of the screen. Depending on the available time, the dealer could answer any of your questions as well as interact with player's comments.

Pair Plus Bonus Bet

The first of two side bets available in Live Three Card Poker, the Pair Plus Bonus Bet allows you to wager on getting a pair or better in your hand. Irrespective of the end result of the main game, if you get an applicable combination you could get a reward of up to 100x your side wager. You can choose whether to place this side bet or not at the start of each round.

Six Card Bonus Bet

In this side bet all the cards on the table, meaning your card and the dealer's cards, are combined. The best five-card hand is created, and a prize is awarded if the hand is a three-of-a-kind or better. Once again, it does not matter what the result of the main game is, as this side bet is completely separate. With the Six Card Bonus Bet, you could get up to 1000x your wager.

Three Card Poker Rules

Live Three Card Poker is a fast-paced card game which is very simple to learn and play. Even if you have never played Poker before in your life, it would only take you a few minutes to learn. All you really need to know or have close by is the list of Poker hands.

The round starts with you placing your main bet and any side bets. Next, your three cards are dealt and depending on your hand along with what you believe the dealer might get, you can choose whether to continue playing or to fold. In this game, the dealer can only play if he or she gets a Queen high or better. If this requirement is not met, the player automatically wins the round.

If you opt to keep playing, the dealer's cards are dealt and revealed. The game will automatically indicate the winner and will give out any payouts, including for side bets. Live Three Card Poker also includes an Ante Bonus when you get a Straight or better, irrespective of the dealer's hand.

Three Card Poker Graphics and Sound

The studio which is broadcasting the live game is professionally designed and managed. As you are playing the game you truly feel as if you are sitting in a casino, and as you look around you can see other dealers at different tables. When you place your wagers, you will notice that the chips fit perfectly on the table, even though they are digital whilst the table is real. This pleasant touch further distorts the line between real and virtual.

Three Card Poker Conclusion

Live Three Card Poker is a fun and accessible game which you can enjoy wherever you are. No matter if you enjoy playing on your computer or on a mobile phone, you will experience the same opportunities to have a great time and take home a big win. Thanks to the dealer's personality, each game feels slightly different, and this keeps things fresh and exciting.

Start playing Live Three Card Poker today on and enjoy this original variant on one of the most popular card games ever.

About the Provider

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006 and since then, they’ve managed to revolutionise the European live dealer platform around the world. Their headquarters are in Riga, Latvia, but a majority of the employees are based in Malta as well. Since its conception, Evolution Gaming has become a leading B2B provider of Live Casino systems within Europe today.  

Their Live Casino consists of real-life dealers that run the game in real-time on a casino gaming table just like you would find in a real-life casino. Players can engage with the dealer via a live streaming video link. Essentially, they’ve given players the option to go to the casino from the comforts of their home!  

The vision at Evolution Gaming is to be the leading Live Casino provider in the world whilst ensuring that they create an unforgettable user experience as well as make operators successful. They accomplish this is by offering a localised Live Casino experience into regulated markets available on all digital platforms for online and land-based game operators, and players too.   

Evolution Gaming is working towards maintaining and strengthening its position as a top Live Casino provider, while keeping up-to-date of developments within the global gaming market.  

You can check out a wide variety of live Evolution games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and much more at Videoslots!   

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